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Save clients their most precious resource - time.

All health providers and care partners are welcome in the interorganizational Collaboration.


You Give:

- Commitment to the continuous improvement of navigation in your health system to better serve clients, families, and their communities.

-Access to your local network and those in alignment with your mission and vision.

And Receive:

- Access to health providers who value excellence and innovation like you.

- An elevation of your brand while learning from others' experiences.

Together, we serve our communities.

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Become a member of the Collaborative to save your clients their most precious resource - time.

There is no financial cost to join the Collaboration. 

Next Steps:

1. Email to sign up for the Collaborative.

2. You will receive a welcome letter in your inbox.

3. Follow @workhorsehealth on Instagram and WorkHorse Health on Facebook for important updates.

4. Get ready to collaborate in 2024. Together, we will help clients and families save their most precious resource - time.

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