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How to: Speak about caregiving (for Pointpeople)

Ontario Caregiver Organization highlighted that 4 million people in the province are supporting someone they love with household chores, appointment scheduling, and bringing their family member to urgent or Emergency Department settings.

How can you (a "Pointperson") speak about caregiving so that your loved one (the "Primary") is prioritized and you save precious family time?

Watch the YouTube video here.

Recognize that the Primary may not want to be referred to as “patient” or even “client” by health providers. The traditional language may be an added barrier to accessing great care and maintaining resilience because of the stigma associated with it.

Ask the health provider to honour your loved one by using their name, or as the “Primary,” because they are the focus of the support.

Those who are providing support to the Primary are who we honour as Pointperson or Pointpeople. This could include a sister, brother, or group of siblings, son, daughter, or multiple children. Often, it is a spouse or partner. Acknowledging the Pointperson or Pointpeople is respecting those who provide consistent, and largely unpaid, support.

Request that your health provider use this language to so your family can save precious time.

Do you have questions about the “Primary” or “Pointperson” language? Please write me directly or call/text our team +1-647-905-5080.

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