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Crisis Emergencies: Call 911

Urgent Patient Concerns for Providers: We can help 

Find peace of mind

Peace of mind for MRPs with the ACCESS On-call Service

We support the MRP who seeks to safely end a virtual call with her patient who has disclosed experiencing symptoms of depression including suicidal ideation. The client consents to collaboration and HIPAA-secure correspondence with an external provider.

Case: The MRP conducts a 20-minute virtual video call with a new patient using a known Canada-wide third-party platform. During the assessment, the practitioner develops concern that the patient may be at increased risk for suicide or self harm. The MRP reaches out to 24/7 on-call phone for practitioners at +1-647-905-5080 to speak to a Crisis Intervention Specialist directly, and shares her concern for her patient’s safety. Together, they discuss the patient history, presenting concerns, and concerning patient comments that were shared during the virtual video call. The CIS suggests follow-up plan, including specific appointment times, relevant local resources for the patient and family, and documents this thoroughly in the electronic medical record. The MRP communicates her final recommendations to the patient. A virtual record of the interaction is available to the MRP and the patient outlining the follow-up supports in place. 

This case demonstrates the power of collaboration to benefit the patient and practically support the provider.

Together, we can provided added benefits to add comfort levels for practitioners and seamless transition of care with less distress for patients.

When subscribers to the ACCESS On-call Service call +1-647-905-5080, they connect directly with an Emergency Department-trained Crisis Intervention Specialist. Each of team members have at least 10 years of experience assessing and resourcing patients at risk for suicide, supporting their families, and collaborating with the physicians who refer them to the service - all informed by top psychiatrists and Standards of Care in Canada.

Reliability for Clinics with Referral Needs using Seamless Psychotherapy Referral

Team support provided to augment existing care for multiple co-morbid physical health conditions that a patient is currently been treated for by a multi-disciplinary team.

Case: The practitioner is assessing a current patient who is in treatment for a complex neurological condition. During the in-person visit, the patient shares that he is wondering where he can find a therapist to help with lingering low mood, what he calls “feeling perpetually blue.” The practitioner provides medical support in the office setting and in the process the patient agrees for the practitioner to explore external mental health options.

Following the visit, the practitioner completes a Psychotherapy Referral Form that is forwarded seamlessly to the recipient at the Workhorse Health Toronto-based office.

An Assistant Coordinator from Workhorse Health contacts the patient before EOB, and a psychotherapy session is scheduled to take place within 24 hours with a Registered Psychotherapist virtually on the platform.

This scenario demonstrates the seamless care handover for external service provision to augment existing care.

Together, we are providing the highest-level of continuity for patients, and clinic teams, who need it.


To serve our mutual patients, the HIPAA-compliant Psychotherapy Referral Form is available for office use.


Please send directly to our team by fax or email and we will respond to your patient within one business day.

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