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We help professional people and their families so they can continue the work they love. 


An Assistant Coordinator can support you today at or 647-905-5080.

Consultations (15 mins)

Find the clarity you are looking for during a confidential introductory call by video or phone.

A psychotherapist will be recommended for you with the information you provide to our team.  

Psychotherapy Sessions (1 hour)
Meet with an experienced mental health professional* who can help you identify and overcome barriers to success and personal growth. Common concerns include depression, anxiety, trauma, problematic substance use, and relationships.

200 + HST Virtual Psychotherapy Session with Registered Psychotherapist 

210 Virtual Psychotherapy Session with Registered Social Worker 

250 In-person Psychotherapy Session Toronto East 

270 In-person Psychotherapy Session Yorkville 

Urgent Concerns: We can help 

*You will be supported by a seasoned Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker, or Registered Nurse, each of whom have over 10 years of experience - ready to help you achieve your goals.

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