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We help professional people and their families continue the work they love. 

Consultations - No Fee

Do you have questions about mental health, psychiatry, and counselling? Prior to the initial psychotherapy session, our Clinical Coordination team will provide the clarity you are looking for during a 15-minute confidential introductory call by video or phone. A psychotherapist will be recommended for you with the information you provide. 

Psychotherapy Sessions 
1-hour psychotherapy sessions with an experienced mental health professional can help you identify and overcome barriers to success and personal growth. The psychotherapists on our team can support you in addressing depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues using their unique experience and approach to help you achieve your goals. 

Reach Clinical Coordination team: or 647-905-5080 so we can help. 

Match Guarantee: Rapport with the psychotherapist is the foundation for successful work. We will re-match you with an alternate team member at no cost at your request. 

Clients achieve their goals with the support of our valued partners.

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